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Negligence, lack of proper treatment could lead to patient death

The sudden loss of a loved one, especially one of a young age, can set a family reeling. When a death occurs after an individual tried to seek medical attention, the situation may seem even more unbelievable and devastating. New Jersey residents may be interested in such an incident that recently took place in another state.

Reports indicated that a 15-year-old girl had sought medical attention due to experiencing chest pain. At her initial check up, she was told she had general chest wall pain and went home with medication. However, her condition continued to worsen, and as a result, the girl went back for a follow up with medical professionals. Again, her condition was not treated as an issue of much severity.

1 in 3 nursing homes cited for abuse

A recent study found that between 1999 and 2001, approximately 30 percent of all nursing homes nationwide received citations for elder abuse during that two-year period.

The congressional study listed some of the most common issues as bedsores left untreated, poor medical care, malnutrition, dehydration and a lack of sufficient sanitation. Many of the circumstances were severe enough that residents were already suffering harm or at a high risk of injury or death.

Death caused by medical negligence may haunt New Jersey residents

Seeking medical attention is often done in hopes of helping a person who has been injured or becomes ill. Many New Jersey residents put their trust in medical professionals to take the steps necessary to help their loved ones heal. Unfortunately, some actions taken by doctors and other staff members could potentially put patients in harm's way and possibly even cause death.

One man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit due to the death of his wife. Reports stated that the man's wife was taken to the hospital after she suffered an injury to her head. During her stay at the hospital, she was apparently given a medication intended to help with agitation and confusion. However, the drug had a warning regarding the potential for increased mortality in elderly patients with dementia-related conditions.

Failure to diagnose sepsis may lead to death in New Jersey

Suffering from a serious infection can cause a myriad of health issues. In some cases, patients could potentially even contract an infection while being treated for another illness or injury. While many types of infections can be properly treated with few lasting effects, the failure to diagnose an infection could lead to a lack of timely treatment and more adverse outcomes.

It was recently reported that the state of New Jersey is looking into having more strict protocols when it comes to dealing with sepsis, or blood infections. Sepsis is a serious condition that could potentially lead to severe bodily damage or even cause death. Unfortunately, thousands of fatalities occur every year in the state due to sepsis, but proper treatment could prevent such outcomes.

Preventative steps may not always prevent surgery gone wrong

The idea of undergoing surgery fills many people with apprehension. When stories of surgery gone wrong are often circulated, it is not surprising that patients often wonder if they will be the victims of such an event. Unfortunately, the possibility for such an outcome does exist, but New Jersey residents could also take steps in hopes of protecting themselves.

First of all, the information patients provide and obtain can play a significant part in ensuring that the proper procedures are carried out. Therefore, individuals may want to provide all details regarding their health concerns as well as any treatment or procedures they may have already undergone to address the issue. Additionally, parties will likely want to ask any and all questions they may have about a procedure, medication, options and risks.

Surgery gone wrong may leave New Jersey residents feeling wary

While it is true that many surgical procedures can prove difficult to perform and present various risks, some issues could be preventable. When a person is the victim of a surgery gone wrong, he or she may feel that life has changed forever. In many cases, such incidents can lead to additional medical problems or other issues that can have substantial impacts. 

New Jersey residents may be interested in one man's case that recently came to a verdict. Reports stated that the man had been experiencing pain in one of his testicles, and as a result, he was scheduled to have the testicle surgically removed. However, during the procedure, the surgeon removed the wrong testicle. The situation resulted in the man still having the testicle that caused him pain.

Why nursing home understaffing is a problem

Understaffing in nursing homes is a major problem across the entire United States. When there are not enough hands on deck, patients tend to suffer the most harm. If you have a loved one living in a nursing facility, it is important to observe the conditions of the home including the number of staff available to attend to the residents. As soon as you see signs of neglect or abuse, it is time to take action to protect your loved one.

If you believe that your parent or loved one has suffered due to negligence in a nursing facility, you may be able to take legal action. A personal injury attorney in the Bloomfield area can review your case and help you move forward with a claim due to the harmful effects of understaffed nursing homes experienced by your loved one.

Legal claims may be warranted after hospital death

The loss of a loved one under any circumstances can be difficult for surviving family. However, when a death occurs due to the mistakes or negligence of medical professionals, individuals may feel particularly distraught over the situation. Unfortunately, this type of predicament could affect anyone, as medical malpractice is, unfortunately, not altogether uncommon. 

New Jersey residents may be interested in a legal case that is currently underway in another state. According to reports, a woman has filed a claim against a hospital, university health system, one doctor and another entity due to her mother's death. Apparently, the mother had been admitted to the hospital after she complained of chest pains and shortness of breath. However, the daughter believes that the mother was not properly treated.

Infection, other outcomes could stem from medical mistakes

Undergoing surgery is nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about the competency of the medical staff. Of course, not every medical professional acts in the appropriate manner, and serious issues could result if a procedure is not completed correctly or follow-up treatment is not conducted. Many individuals can suffer from infection or other severe problems due to negligence on the part of medical professionals.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one out-of-state woman's case for medical malpractice that is currently underway. Reports stated that the woman had a non-cancerous tumor on her brain that her doctor indicated should be removed through a surgical procedure. As part of the operation, the woman had part of her skull removed, and in order to replace that portion of the skull, a titanium mesh and screws were put in place. 

Hospital negligence may lead to bedsores for New Jersey patients

Negligence often accounts for individuals suffering injuries at the hands of other parties. When a patient suffers due to hospital negligence, the issue can be quite serious as the outcomes of such negligence may result in severe or potentially fatal injuries or illness. When patients find themselves in this type of negative situation, they may wish to consider their options for seeking compensation.

New Jersey readers may be interested in one out-of-state man's predicament for which he has recently taken legal action. Reports stated that the man has filed a medical malpractice claim, alleging that a hospital did not provide the necessary care for his situation. The negligence apparently took place over the course of a few months while the man was hospitalized for an undisclosed reason.

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