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Cerebral palsy can result from a birth injury

Pregnancy is a time of hopeful expectation for most women. These new mothers place all of their trust and hope in the hands of medical professionals who care for them. Most of the time, the outcome is a happy one, with a healthy infant and mother. Most doctors uphold their Hippocratic oath and make decisions that result in a successful labor and delivery process.

Medical professionals are humans, and they can make mistakes. Unfortunately, because of their line of work, those mistakes can have life-altering consequences for families. Cerebral palsy is a perfect example of a condition that may result from a preventable birth injury. The child will have to accommodate the symptoms of the condition every day, and the family may incur substantial, ongoing expenses to provide adequate care for the child.

Lawsuit claims foreign object left inside patient caused injuries

Most New Jersey patients are aware that, while often necessary, beneficial and even life-saving, surgery can be dangerous. Even with the most experienced and highly trained surgeons, surgical procedures always carry some degree of unavoidable risk. What is avoidable, though, is the issue of careless surgical errors that should never happen, such as a foreign object left behind in the patient's body.

There are supposed to be safeguards in place to ensure that things like this never happen, that all surgical instruments are accounted for. Unfortunately, so-called professionals may grow lazy or overconfident and not follow the protocols that are there for a reason. When incidents like this occur, it is the patient who ends up suffering, such as in a recent case in another state.

Brain damage may present legal grounds for malpractice claims

The joy that comes along with having a child often comes coupled with worry about that child's wellbeing. In many cases, children grow up happy and healthy, but in other instances, children could suffer brain damage at a young age that considerably impacts their lives. Unfortunately, medical staff could potentially be responsible for such damage in some situations.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one couple who recently filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice. Reports stated that their son was born in 2013, and after his birth, he appeared healthy. However, the child had difficulty breastfeeding and quickly began losing weight before developing other issues, such as a lowered temperature, lowered oxygen level and low blood sugar. It was also reported that the child stopped breathing at least two times.

An emergency room error can jeopardize your life

Many of the injuries suffered by New Jersey residents require immediate medical attention. Like them, odds are that at some point in your life, you have been to an emergency room for this reason. While there, you relied on the medical staff to quickly and efficiently diagnose your illness or injury and get you the treatment you need. Unfortunately, the possibility of an emergency room error jeopardizing your life may be in the back of your mind.

Without a doubt, emergency rooms are busy and there always seems to be a lot going on there. However, that does not negate the duty that all medical personnel owe to the patients, including you and your loved ones. Moving too quickly could easily cause something crucial to be missed by a doctor or other medical personnel.

Claims for hospital negligence may help families seek justice

Negligent actions in any type of situation could lead to negative outcomes. When an individual or family must deal with the repercussions of hospital negligence, they may feel a particular sense of dismay as the resulting health issues can have lasting impacts. Unfortunately, many people are affected by this type of problem every year.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one family whose medical malpractice claim recently came to a settlement. Reports stated that the situation began in 2011 when a woman was admitted to the hospital in order to have a procedure done to address an abdominal hernia. The woman ended up staying in the hospital overnight, and during that time, her oxygen levels became significantly low. As a result, she suffered a stroke.

Don't fall victim to hospital-acquired infections

The risk of contracting an infection while you are in the hospital is serious. Individuals who are going to the hospital, whether they are being admitted or making a trip through an outpatient department, should make sure that they are taking proper steps to reduce risk of infection.

Doctors, nurses and other people involved in patient care must ensure that they are taking steps to prevent the spread of infection. The steps that they take should be covered in hospital policy, but this isn't always the case. Some medical professionals take it upon themselves to institute procedures that are above and beyond what the hospital requires. When policies aren't set or aren't followed, negligence can occur and patients can suffer harm.

Medical negligence, death may leave New Jersey families reeling

Losing a child can often be a parent's worst nightmare. Though this unfortunate scenario can happen to anyone, including New Jersey residents, it can seem even more devastating when the death occurs due to medical negligence. In such events, surviving family may choose to look into their legal options in order to seek justice while they attempt to work through their grief.

One family in another state decided to take such action after the death of an 18-year-old girl. Reports stated that the civil trial associated with the family's wrongful death lawsuit recently started. The situation began in 2015 when the college student had gone to an emergency room due to exhibiting flu-like symptoms. After an examination by a doctor, the girl was sent home.

Foreign object left behind presents serious medical issues

Numerous people undergo much-needed medical procedures every day. Though some surgeries and other treatments may seem commonplace, there is still a chance for errors to occur. For many New Jersey residents, the fear of having a foreign object left behind after a procedure could be very real. Unfortunately, this type of event is more common than many might expect.

For instance, this type of situation negatively affected one man in another state. It was reported that the man was a veteran and had gone to a VA hospital in order to seek treatment for diabetes-related issues, including poor circulation. While at the hospital, he underwent a surgery for repairing blood vessels, and somehow, a 10-inch piece of plastic catheter packaging was left in the man's leg.

Vacuum extractor injury may warrant New Jersey lawsuits

Any time an issue arises with a child's health, parents may feel a sense of panic. Though many health concerns are easily addressed, other problems could prove more serious or even permanent. Some children could even suffer at the time of their births due to a vacuum extractor injury, and their lives could have severe impacts from then on.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one family in another state dealing with such a predicament. Reports stated that a couple's daughter was born in 2012, and the doctor used a vacuum extractor during her delivery. The parents believe that the use of this device caused their daughter to suffer a brain hemorrhage that resulted in permanent injuries. They also believe that the doctor did not follow the correct procedure when utilizing the device.

Overlooking signs of sepsis may lead to hospital negligence cases

Bringing a child into the world is often one of the greatest joys many individuals experience. Unfortunately for some, this joyous occasion could turn devastating if hospital negligence results in a new mother suffering negative outcomes. When this type of situation occurs, families may find themselves looking into their legal options for addressing possible medical malpractice.

New Jersey residents may be interested in a malpractice case that recently came to judgment in another state. Reports indicated that the situation involved the death of a woman who had just given birth. Apparently, after giving birth, the woman was discharged from the hospital. However, she later returned due to experiencing nausea and a fever. Though she was examined by an emergency room nurse, the nurse overlooked signs of sepsis and sent the woman home.

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