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Lawsuit claims foreign object left inside patient caused injuries

Most New Jersey patients are aware that, while often necessary, beneficial and even life-saving, surgery can be dangerous. Even with the most experienced and highly trained surgeons, surgical procedures always carry some degree of unavoidable risk. What is avoidable, though, is the issue of careless surgical errors that should never happen, such as a foreign object left behind in the patient's body.

Hospital negligence could lead to unnecessary surgery

Many individuals have heard horror stories relating to medical procedures and mistakes. Unfortunately, numerous patients are the victims of such mistakes, and they can suffer substantially negative results due to those errors. When hospital negligence causes such outcomes, individuals may wish to determine whether taking legal action against the hospital and staff members may be warranted.

Foreign object left after surgery may cause issues in New Jersey

After the birth of a child, many parents feel joyous. Of course, delivery can sometimes cause complications that lead to the mother needing emergency care. In some cases, surgery may be required in order to attend to those issues and ensure the health of the mother. Unfortunately, some procedures could end up causing problems of their own if a foreign object left behind is discovered later.

Preventative steps may not always prevent surgery gone wrong

The idea of undergoing surgery fills many people with apprehension. When stories of surgery gone wrong are often circulated, it is not surprising that patients often wonder if they will be the victims of such an event. Unfortunately, the possibility for such an outcome does exist, but New Jersey residents could also take steps in hopes of protecting themselves.

Surgery gone wrong may leave New Jersey residents feeling wary

While it is true that many surgical procedures can prove difficult to perform and present various risks, some issues could be preventable. When a person is the victim of a surgery gone wrong, he or she may feel that life has changed forever. In many cases, such incidents can lead to additional medical problems or other issues that can have substantial impacts. 

Infection, other outcomes could stem from medical mistakes

Undergoing surgery is nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about the competency of the medical staff. Of course, not every medical professional acts in the appropriate manner, and serious issues could result if a procedure is not completed correctly or follow-up treatment is not conducted. Many individuals can suffer from infection or other severe problems due to negligence on the part of medical professionals.

New Jersey patients could be victims of surgery gone wrong

For some individuals, undergoing surgery can cause immense anxiety. This feeling is understandable as there are many risks when having to go through such a procedure, and unfortunately, serious mistakes could also occur. New Jersey residents may be interested in a surgery gone wrong that took place in another state and that has recently resulted in legal action.

Surgery gone wrong may lead to permanent injuries in New Jersey

Undergoing a surgical procedure is a serious endeavor. Because patients put their lives in the hands of another person or group of people, fear of a surgery gone wrong is an understandable apprehension that many individuals face. Unfortunately, surgical mistakes can cause considerable problems and may need further medical attention to treat. Therefore, parties affected by such errors may wish to consider their legal options. 

Christmas lights and alleged hospital negligence

Hanging Christmas lights is a tradition in many New Jersey homes. Dad often hangs the lights while the rest of the family helps. This task often involves climbing around on roofs and ladders, and one must be very careful not to fall. One unfortunate gentleman did fall while hanging Christmas lights in December 2011, and what began as a Christmas tradition ended in a claim of hospital negligence.

Dental appliance leads to possible hospital negligence

Personal accidents happen on a regular basis in New Jersey. They can range from accidentally tripping over the cat to accidentally swallowing an unintended object. Many times, these accidents are minor and require no medical treatment; however, some are more involved and do require medical assistance. In seeking such assistance, it is generally assumed that hospital negligence will not add to the problem that already exists.

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