Has Your Child Developed Cerebral Palsy?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 10,000 babies born every year will develop cerebral palsy. Although prenatal care and related technology have improved over the years, this condition still persists. Unfortunately, it is sometimes caused by the actions or inaction of medical professionals.

At the Bloomfield law office of Alan D. Bell, we provide representation to New Jersey parents whose children were injured due to the negligence of doctors and nurses during delivery. We have investigated and litigated birth injury and medical malpractice cases since 1977. We understand how cerebral palsy can affect entire families. Caring for children, both as they grow and after they reach adulthood, is an ongoing and expensive commitment. Our role is to provide honest assessments to parents and pursue compensation from the medical providers whose actions caused this debilitating condition.

Understanding Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy results from damage to the portion of the brain that controls muscle movement, balance and coordination. The condition has many symptoms, including difficulty walking, depth perception problems, seizures and mental retardation. The severity of the symptoms varies. Some children grow up to function relatively well. Others remain dependent for their entire lives.

The brain damage that results in cerebral palsy can occur at any stage of pregnancy. It requires a trained medical expert to assess whether a given child's condition was caused by the failure to recognize fetal distress during pregnancy, by human error during labor or delivery, or was truly an unpreventable misfortune.

When To Consult A Lawyer

We would encourage you to come in and speak with us if any of the following was associated with the birth of your child:

  • Labor was induced using Pitocin
  • You believe a cesarean section delivery should have been performed or a C-section was performed but not quickly enough
  • Medical staff did not notice or respond properly to signs of fetal distress
  • Mother and baby were not monitored at all times during birth
  • The baby showed signs of jaundice at birth

We have 35 years of experience handling cerebral palsy and other birth injury claims in New Jersey. We have succeeded in securing compensation for many forms of hospital negligence, OB/Gyn malpractice and other types of medical malpractice. We have the resources to invest in your case and the network of medical experts needed to help prove it.

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