Was Your Baby's Birth Beset With Complications?

We expect that doctors have the knowledge and training to recognize and respond to complications during pregnancy, including fetal distress. To help them determine when problems arise, obstetricians use fetal monitoring systems/fetal heart rate monitors. Failure to recognize fetal distress — or respond to it if it arises — can lead to serious consequences, including devastating or fatal injuries to the infant and mother.

Bloomfield failure to recognize fetal distress lawyer Alan D. Bell provides compassionate and dedicated advocacy for families who are the victims of serious birth injuries.

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Compassionate Representation Of Your Failure To Recognize Fetal Distress Claim

At the law firm of Alan D. Bell, we understand that this is an overwhelming and emotional time for you. Your blessed moment turned into a nightmare. Let us take on the legal concerns while you focus on your family. We will help you understand what went wrong and why as we navigate through the legal system for you.

We spend a great deal of time researching our clients' cases and preparing medical experts to testify to the doctor or nurse's negligence. In some cases, when medical professionals alter records, we will attempt to prove the alteration and hold them accountable.

What Caused Your Infant's Injuries?

Fetal heart rate monitor strips show patterns that doctors and nurses must be aware of at all times during birth. Acceleration and deceleration on the fetal monitoring system can show that something is wrong. Perhaps the infant was being asphyxiated from oxygen deprivation or there were problems involving the umbilical cord placement.

Failure to recognize fetal distress often means failure to act to prevent death or serious disorders such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy and brain damage. In many of these cases, "acting" means performing a timely C-section.

The fetal heart rate monitor may also be the cause of your infant's injuries. We will investigate to determine whether it was working properly and pursue appropriate actions against those responsible.

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