Did A Hospital Stay Worsen Your Health?

Staying in a hospital is supposed to give you a sense of security that everything will be taken care of by competent professionals. Your expectations are that you will receive quality care with the hope of a solid and speedy recovery. At the Newark area law firm of Alan D. Bell, we advocate for clients whose health actually worsened during a hospital stay.

You need an aggressive advocate conversant with medical terminology and familiar with current medical literature if you have been a victim of doctor or hospital negligence. That is the level of service that New Jersey attorney Alan D. Bell provides. Call our Bloomfield office today at 973-826-2342 or contact us online.

We Handle All Doctor And Hospital Negligence Claims

We work to hold doctors and hospital staff accountable for their negligent acts. We handle a wide range of claims, including those involving:

Bedsores From Neglect

Hospital staff ignoring a bed-ridden patient can cause serious medical problems. Bedsores are acquired when someone stays in the same position for a prolonged amount of time without an attendant moving them periodically. The condition is anything but minor and can have life-threatening consequences.

Infection Where You Least Expect It

Negligence by doctors and hospital staff can take a more hidden and sinister form with staph aureus or any other type of hospital-acquired infection. You assume that the hospital employs the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation around you or a loved one. Nursing errors or inadequate hospital procedures can spread infection. An existing medical condition can take a dire turn if the victim suffers an infection.

Surgery Gone Wrong

At the law office of Alan D. Bell, clients come to us following surgery where some type of foreign object was left inside of them. Their doctor failed to attend to every detail and maintain the most basic standards of care. Having an instrument or sponge left inside of you, requiring additional surgery, requires you to protect your rights and hold the facility accountable for hospital negligence.

Aggressive Pursuit Of Justice For You

Our job is to get the facts from spending time with you and from combing through medical records. From there, we team with experts to build your case. While many settle, we do not shy away from the courtroom if it provides the best option for you.

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