A Catastrophic Medical Error Demands A Strong Reaction

The life-changing impact of an amputation cannot be overstated. Our job is to fight for compensation based on the level of negligence and how it impacts a victim's future. No amount of money can turn back the clock. However, if a negligent doctor caused you to lose a limb unnecessarily, we will aggressively advocate for you and protect your rights.

Newark area attorney Alan D. Bell helps victims of amputation throughout New Jersey in holding negligent parties accountable.

Inattentive doctors and negligent product manufacturers can cause you to lose a limb. Our job is to maximize your compensation because of their negligence. For help following an amputation, contact our Bloomfield office at 973-826-2342.

Unnecessary Amputations Changing Lives

At the law office of Alan D. Bell, our attorney is an experienced medical malpractice litigator who helps clients when a bond of trust with their doctor has been broken. They relied on their physician to recognize signs that a limb could be lost without immediate medical care, specifically in cases involving diabetes. They also want to know that when an operation occurs, a limb will not be unnecessarily removed. Yet, it happens. A life is impacted in the worst way and the victim is entitled to compensation.

We also workers who have lost fingers or an entire limb in a poorly manufactured power press. Situations such as this result in a workers' compensation claim, in addition to the possibility of a third party liability claim against the company that designed and produced the press.

Building A Fact-Based Case With The Help Of Experts

Getting to the facts of a medical malpractice or product liability claim is challenging and complex. We are up for that challenge and know where to look for information and research data to build your case. We also rely on a network of experts who provide their insight. With a strong case prepared, we focus on resolution through mediation or courtroom litigation.

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