A Missed Diagnosis Can Leave You Reeling

Medical advancements have helped individuals diagnosed with cancer. The disease is not always the "death sentence" that people assume it to be. Treatments and medication can result in remission and a future of good health and fruitful life. However, to effectively counteract the illness it must be noticed at an early stage. Doctors who ignore the symptoms and signs can cause catastrophic changes in their patients' lives. When they fall short, we move in to help at the Newark area law office of Alan D. Bell.

Failure to diagnose breast or any form of cancer can have potentially deadly consequences. If your trusted family physician fell short in the basic standards of care and ignored the signs of cancer, you need seasoned, dedicated and aggressive representation. For help following a failure to diagnose cancer, contact our Bloomfield firm at 973-826-2342.

A Failure To Diagnose Cancer Caused By Negligence

You may suspect that something is wrong, but want the expertise of a family physician to verify your concerns. A supposed clean bill of health is only factual and valuable if the doctor attended to every detail and listened to everything you told them. Taking shortcuts that result in a delayed cancer diagnosis can have life-changing and deadly consequences.

Holding Your Doctor Accountable For A Failure To Diagnose

At the law office of New Jersey medical malpractice attorney Alan D. Bell, we advocate for cancer victims facing constant medical treatments because of the advanced nature of their disease. Consequences that could have been avoided if their doctors reviewed test results with more detail and read X-ray film properly need to be addressed and compensated for.

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