Were You Injured Due To Poor Care In The ER?

The hectic pace of an emergency room with staff in constant crisis mode is an environment where serious errors can result. Medical staff making quick decisions must attend to every detail. When they fall short, mistakes are made that can result in serious injury or death. You need the level of aggressive advocacy that Newark-area attorney Alan D. Bell provides.

If you are a victim of medical malpractice or a patient that was merely turned away because no one could help you, we will give your case a second look. Contact our Bloomfield office today at 973-826-2342.

Emergency Room Errors Making Bad Situations Worse

Injured and ill patients enter emergency rooms with a high level of stress and fear. They trust that someone on duty can help them or an injured or ill family member. They do not expect to be mistreated, ignored or refused care due to a lack of adequate staffing. They need help, not excuses from staff. They need medical treatment, not mistakes.

Dedication And Perseverance When You Need It Most

At the law office of Alan D. Bell, we spend time with clients who have gone through traumatic situations involving an emergency room error. A failure to treat or diagnose has brought them to our office. We get their side of the story. We secure the medical records necessary to accurately assess where negligence occurred and how it impacted our client. Those documents are given a thorough review by medical experts.

Aggressive Representation In Settlement Talks Or Courtroom Litigation

With the facts on our side, we will pursue a claim of emergency room error against the hospital. Many cases settle before trial. However, that does not rule out the possibility of aggressive courtroom litigation. We do not shy away from a trial if it best protects your rights and maximizes your compensation.

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