When Your Vision Is Compromised By A Medical Mistake

Corrective eye surgery is a very common procedure today. Yet, even a common procedure can have catastrophic consequences because of a doctor's negligence. If you suspect that malpractice played a role during a botched procedure, contact Newark area attorney Alan D. Bell. Our firm has a reputation for dedication, knowledge and perseverance in successfully pursuing damages for New Jersey residents.

We represent clients who were seeking care to correct their vision or repair an injury. Hope for better vision was dashed because of an error committed during eye surgery. For help in this specific and sometimes complex area of medical malpractice, contact our Bloomfield office at 973-826-2342.

The Need To Take Legal Action Following An Eye Injury

At the law office of Alan D. Bell, we understand the trauma our clients feel following botched surgery for cataracts or a corrective Lasik procedure where an error occurred. We know that a bad situation can be made tragically worse when a doctor fails to diagnose or treat an eye injury in a timely manner. The challenges and cosmetic embarrassment you face requires legal action.

Combining Expert Insight With The Facts Of Your Eye Injury Claim

Teaming with experts allows us to bring a higher level of insight to your eye injury claim. We spend time with you to hear your side of the story and conduct the necessary research and medical records review to ensure a solid fact-based case. The quality of a medical professional's expertise may help maximize your compensation in holding your eye doctor or surgeon accountable.

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