We Work To Hold Surgeons Accountable

When gall bladder problems require surgery, you trust that the treating physician will exercise the highest standards of care and safety. When they fall short and errors are made during a surgical procedure, your condition can deteriorate. Your life could be at risk.

At the New Jersey based law firm of Alan D. Bell, we combine aggressive advocacy with thorough preparation and dogged perseverance.

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Gall Bladder Surgeries That Go Wrong Due To Errors

Oftentimes, patients feel the effects of a gall bladder surgery gone wrong after the procedure is completed. Instead of taking the road to recovery, their condition begins to deteriorate because of a bile duct injury from a cut or a bowel perforation. The attending surgeon did not take the steps necessary to correctly identify where they were cutting. In doing so, they failed to protect the patient's health. That is where we come in to help.

Experienced, Knowledgeable And Aggressive

At the Bloomfield based law office of attorney Alan D. Bell, we are conversant in medical terminology and constantly stays abreast of recent developments in the medical profession. We understand the consequences of a bile leak following surgery and the devastating consequences of that surgical error. More importantly, we can communicate that information to a jury in terms they will understand and respond to.

If you retain our firm, we dedicate ourselves to seeing that justice is served and your compensation is maximized based on the short and long-term effects of a poorly performed gall bladder surgery.

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