Care Facilities Must Keep Your Family Members Safe

You only want the best for your elderly or disabled family member. Choosing a nursing home should come after multiple visits and thorough research. Yet, no matter how carefully you approach the search, an inattentive or abusive staff member can break that bond of trust you placed in the facility charged with caring for your loved one.

The Newark area law office of Alan D. Bell provides a higher level of advocacy when our clients need it most, specifically when a family member suffers injury in a nursing home.

Placing the blame on yourself for a nursing home injury only provides a chance for the responsible party to escape justice and perhaps hurt others. Take action immediately with a seasoned New Jersey nursing home injury attorney. Contact our Bloomfield office at 973-826-2342.

When Nursing Homes Fall Short In Their Standard of Care

Nursing homes are governed by strict regulations designed to protect residents and ensure a high level of quality care. Regulations that are ignored or blatantly violated require legal action to hold the responsible party accountable. Ignoring, abusing or exploiting a helpless resident should never be tolerated.

At the law office of Alan D. Bell, we represent clients whose bedridden family member is suffering from dangerous and deadly bedsores. Others come to us because a loved one was injured in a fall due to faulty bed rails not staying up to protect them. When you visit our office, we want to hear your story and know your point of view on what happened.

At Your Side During A Difficult Time For Your Loved One

From there, we build your nursing home injury claim with attention to every detail, reviewing documents and employing our network of experts to give their insight as well. Once we establish your claim, we move forward to settle or litigate. We do not avoid the courtroom and will take your matter to trial if that provides the best outcome and maximizes your compensation.

Contact Us About Your Situation

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