Inattention Can Lead To Bed Sores

Because residents of nursing homes and other convalescent facilities are often immobile, their care providers must pay attention to ensure that bedridden patients are adjusted frequently so that a pressure ulcer — also known as a bed sore — does not form. This condition, aside from being painful, can be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, due to nursing home neglect, care home residents in New Jersey can and do suffer from these dangerous conditions. Poorly trained or otherwise negligent nursing home aides and other staff, as well as the facilities themselves, need to be held responsible for the lack of appropriate care that results in a person's injury or death.

Turn To A Malpractice Attorney With Experience

Bloomfield lawyer Alan D. Bell has helped New Jersey residents and their families bring medical malpractice actions against health care professionals for nearly four decades. The experience at our firm means our attorneys are focused on seeking justice for those who have been wronged by the inaction or negligence of doctors, nurses, assistants and other staff members whose behavior has led to serious or fatal illnesses or injuries.

What Is A Bed Sore?

Bed sores occur when there is prolonged pressure on the skin, which is a particular danger for those who are confined to a wheelchair or a bed. Those in wheelchairs can develop bed sores on their backsides, shoulder blades, or the backs of their arms and legs that are in contact with the chair. Those in a hospital bed can develop the injuries in similar places, as well as the backs and sides of their heads and along their ears.

Unfortunately, many patients suffering from this condition may not be able to adequately convey their discomfort in order to get their injuries treated. A relatively minor condition can quickly become dire if left untreated.

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