Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Fall?

As parents and grandparents age and are less able to properly care for themselves, New Jersey residents often face the dilemma of whether to place their loved ones in an assisted living facility. It is often best for some elderly residents to live in a care facility, where their medical needs can be attended to by a staff of trained professionals.

It is crucial, however, to make sure that the place you have entrusted to care for your family member is staffed with attentive, conscientious workers who put their patients' safety first. When there is a breakdown in the process, an accident such as a fall can lead to an injury that is serious or even fatal.

Work With An Experienced Malpractice Lawyer

Attorney Alan D. Bell has been helping people in Bloomfield, Newark and throughout the state for nearly four decades when they have experienced hospital or nursing home negligence. All too often, nursing home workers — through neglect, negligence or incompetence — do not properly monitor patients who may be prone to falling.

A fall can be a devastating injury for a senior citizen. Broken bones or head injuries can result from a fall from even a modest height. It is up to the staff at these facilities to ensure that residents do not attempt to get out of bed too quickly, attempt to walk without proper assistance, and are not left alone when they are performing a task that requires them to move around.

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