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Essex County, New Jersey, medical malpractice attorney Alan D. Bell helps residents in Bloomfield, Newark, and throughout New Jersey in the following areas of practice:

  • Cerebral palsy / birth injuries — At the law office of Alan D. Bell, we represent clients and their children who have been victimized by medical negligence. Their children may have suffered serious brain injuries and shoulder dystocia following a birth.
  • Ob/Gyn malpractice / delivery room errors — While the birth of a child is an exciting time, it involves your doctor attending to every detail to ensure a healthy delivery. When he or she falls short, serious and lifelong damage can result. We handle cases involving failure to do a timely C-section, failure to recognize fetal distress and other serious delivery room errors.
  • Errors in neonatal care — Doctors and nurses in neonatal care must be particularly observant and be able to quickly respond to problems. If your newborn was injured or killed because of neonatal care malpractice, we can help.
  • Hospital negligence — Inattentive care can result in bedsores. Rushed surgery can leave foreign objects in a patient's body. A staph aureus infection can spread, further impeding your recovery.

If you believe you have a claim of medical malpractice against a negligent hospital or medical professional, contact New Jersey personal injury claim lawyer Alan D. Bell at 973-826-2342. His research, preparation and creativity have helped him achieve success in complex medical malpractice claims that other attorneys turn down.

  • Emergency room errors — The hectic nature of an emergency room can cause dangerous and deadly mistakes to anyone coming in for immediate care. We can identify the errors and negligence and pursue a claim on your behalf.
  • Gall bladder surgery errors — Consequences of negligence in gall bladder surgery can be devastating. Doctors must focus on the very minute areas that they are working on. One wrong move and you could suffer a serious injury or lose a loved one.
  • Pharmaceutical errors — Prescription mistakes or inaccurate dosing instructions can result in serious injury and death. One mistake on a label can change your life forever.
  • Eye surgery errors — We provide experienced representation when cosmetic and physical damage results from eye surgery to repair an injury or improve eyesight.
  • Nursing home injuries — Nursing homes must abide by strict regulations. When those rules are ignored, residents can become injured in falls or suffer neglect that results in deadly bedsores.
  • Amputations / loss of limb — Hard-working New Jersey residents come to us after losing a limb in a work-related accident. Others were not diagnosed with diabetes and ended up losing a foot.
  • Delayed cancer diagnosis — Successful treatment of cancer is usually the result of early diagnosis. If a doctor fails to recognize the illness, serious medical issues and even death can occur unnecessarily.

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