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Some medications require ongoing oversight for patient safety

Modern medicine is amazing in many ways. Doctors can now diagnose conditions more effectively than in the past. There are new medicines coming out every day that can help people overcome serious illnesses or manage severe symptoms. Unfortunately, with that improvement in the ability to treat patients comes potential risk as well.

Every medication can cause side effects for patients. Some people are actually allergic to compounds used in certain drugs. Patients can end up suffering serious medical injury if their doctor is not proactive enough about continued oversight as the patient adjusts to a new medication. This includes monitoring use and potential for addiction to pain medication, as well as testing for issues with other prescriptions.

Hospital negligence: Improper tests worsen injuries

After suffering an injury, many New Jersey residents seek medical attention in order to gain exact diagnoses and treatment options. Often, medical professionals conduct tests in order to determine what damage has occurred. However, some staff members may conduct unnecessary exams or tests that actually make a person's injury worse, and in such cases, a patient may have reason to file a claim for hospital negligence.

Recent reports stated that a man in another state gained a monetary award for this type of case. Apparently, the man had suffered a back injury in 2014 while carrying out duties associated with his job. During his examination, medical staff members required the man to move in various ways. However, these movements caused the man's injury to worsen, and as a result, he became paralyzed from the waist down.

Doctor negligence, misdiagnoses could lead to patient death

When New Jersey residents have loved ones who begin to show signs of health concerns, it can be a frightening situation. Family members often want to do their best to ensure that their loved ones receive the care needed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, they cannot always control the situation, and if doctor negligence contributes to a misdiagnosis or other failures in care, the situation could turn dire.

It was recently reported that a family in another state has filed a malpractice claim against a hospital. Apparently, an 88-year-old woman died in 2015 after being transported from her nursing home to a hospital for treatment of fever and oxygen deficiency. After being admitted for a urinary tract infection, the woman also suffered from other conditions, which medical staff were apparently unaware of. 

The death of a child could lead to medical malpractice claims

When doctors inform an expectant mother that something may be wrong with her baby or that her own health may negatively impact the baby, it is obviously distressing to hear. Due to the fear and uncertainty, individuals in this type of situation often listen to the advice of their doctors in regard to what action should be taken. Of course, when that advice contributes to the death of the infant, mothers may wonder why they ever listened.

New Jersey residents may be interested in a legal case involving a mother who dealt with such a tragedy. Reports indicated that in 2015, the woman was 30 weeks into her second pregnancy when medical professionals suggested she have an emergency cesarean section. The woman was hesitant to move forward with the procedure, but reports indicated that she was convinced to agree.

A foreign object left after surgery could cause complications

When New Jersey residents' children need emergency medical attention, it can be overwhelming and frightening. Parents may try to put on brave faces for their kids, but even adults have worries about how certain procedures will go. Unfortunately, these worries are not invalid as a foreign object left after surgery could easily cause tremendous complications.

One family in another state dealt with such an issue. After their daughter's birth, a teenage couple learned that she had a heart problem that required emergency surgery. Though the couple believed that the surgery went well, they later learned that a needle had been left in their baby's heart. It was over two weeks after the surgery that the parents learned of the object, but hospital records indicate the staff members were aware of its presence. 

Families suffer when infants suffer brain damage at birth

Many New Jersey parents may feel a great deal of anxiety when the time comes for their children to be born. These feelings are understandable as the potential for a variety of complications exists during this type of event. While most deliveries go as smoothly as possible, there are some instances in which an infant could suffer brain damage due to the negligence of hospital staff.

It was recently reported that two parents in another state have taken legal action against a hospital due to their child suffering this type of injury. The young boy was born in 2017, and the family claims that during the delivery, the hospital staff did not adhere to the standards of care. They believe this negligence resulted in their son suffering a serious brain injury at the time of his birth.

4 tips to help you choose the right nursing home

Unfortunately, there generally comes a time when we have to move one or more loved ones into a nursing home facility. For example, if you have aging parents who will soon need around the clock care, then it is probably time to start visiting nursing homes in the Bloomfield area to find one that is a good fit.

When searching for a nursing home, it is important to find one that will provide for your loved one's needs. In order to ensure that your parent is in good hands, there are some red flags you should watch for as you tour different facilities.

Failure to diagnose brain tumor causes man damages

Most New Jersey residents are in tune enough with their bodies to realize when they may have a problem with their health. Of course, because most people lack the proper knowledge to diagnose medical conditions, they typically seek attention from professionals. Unfortunately, even professionals make mistakes, and the failure to diagnose a serious issue could lead to further problems for patients.

It was recently reported that a man in another state faced such a problem. He and his wife recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital for negligence. They believe that the medical staff failed to diagnose the man's brain tumor. It was unclear what caused the man to seek medical attention in the first place, but he apparently sought a second opinion after the initial visit and was diagnosed with a tumor.

Death caused by hospital negligence may warrant legal action

When New Jersey parents suspect that their children may be ill, they may not want to take any risks. As a result, they take their children to the doctor or emergency room in order to obtain medical attention. Unfortunately, even when parents take proactive measures in hopes of helping their children, hospital negligence could lead to serious consequences, and even prove fatal.

It was recently reported that a family in another state experienced this type of unthinkable event. The family apparently suspected something was wrong with their 15-month-old child, and as a result, they went to the hospital. However, rather than receiving treatment, hospital staff members reportedly told the family to go home because there would be an eight hour wait for the boy to be treated.

Failure to diagnose contributes to numerous malpractice claims

When New Jersey residents begin to notice that something is off with their health, they may wonder how to address their concerns. If the issue is not significant, they may think that it will correct itself over time. However, if a problem persists or shows other troubling signs, most individuals will seek medical attention in hopes of learning what the issue may be. Of course, failure to diagnose the condition correctly could only lead to more issues.

It was recently reported that misdiagnoses account for a significant number of medical malpractice claims. One insurance company conducted research into how misdiagnoses impact liability claims and payouts, and their findings indicated that one-third of claims were filed due to issues stemming from incorrect or delayed diagnoses. It was also noted that 35 percent of these mistakes took place in outpatient facilities.

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