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Breaching the standards of care can lead to permanent damage

In cases where medical staff do not act in the best interests of the patient, negative impacts can occur. Often, when the standards of care are not followed, patients may have reason to pursue legal action for resulting damages. This type of situation can go on for some time, but in the end, the results may be worth the effort.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a case in another state that recently went through an appeal. Reports stated that the situation began in 2013 when a woman was admitted to the hospital for a septic infection. While there, a nurse failed to follow the standards of care and incorrectly removed a catheter from the woman's neck. As a result, the woman suffered a stroke, which led to her being paralyzed on her left side. The family filed suit in 2015 and were awarded $3.85 million.

Understaffing in a nursing home could lead to a slip-and-fall

You place a lot of trust in the staff at the nursing home caring for your loved one. After all, you have entrusted them with the health and safety of one of the people you care about most. Many families assume that a nursing home facility will provide excellent care, and in many cases that is what happens.

However, issues can arise in even the best of nursing homes that can leave residents in danger. Despite your efforts to find a safe nursing home, practices and policies can change without warning, leaving your loved one at increased risk of injury.

Compensation awarded in hospital negligence lawsuit

While giving birth is one of the most natural experiences for women, it can also have a number of risks. As a result, many women feel more comfortable giving birth in hospitals where they can receive medical attention in the event that something goes wrong. Unfortunately, in some cases, hospital negligence can result in additional problems rather than solutions.

New Jersey readers may be interested in one out-of-state woman's lawsuit that stemmed from medical malpractice during and after the delivery of her child. Reports stated that during delivery, her uterus ruptured and caused severe bleeding. As a result, her obstetrician performed multiple surgeries, including a hysterectomy, in efforts to stop the bleeding. However, another doctor had to perform a fifth surgery, and during the operation, the surgeon had to fix damage resulting from the earlier operations.

Premature infant's death leads to lawsuit for hospital negligence

Losing a child of any age can devastate New Jersey parents to an unimaginable degree. Even if the child is only days, weeks or months old, that loss can tremendously impact the family members for the rest of their lives. When the death occurs due to errors or other negligent actions on the part of hospital staff members, it can seem even more unbelievable.

Unfortunately, two parents in another state had to face such an unbearable loss. Reports indicated that their daughter was born prematurely and was undergoing treatment for issues with her eyes. While in the hospital, however, she became one of many infants who contracted infections after undergoing eye exams. The infections reportedly stemmed from equipment that was not cleaned by following standard practices as well as issues with glove use.

Failure to diagnose strep throat, abscess leads to kidney failure

Infections can pose serious threats to anyone's health. It is important that this issue is properly treated in a timely manner or other severe conditions could result. Unfortunately, doctors do not always recognize the exact problem, and the failure to diagnose the underlying issue could contribute to worsening conditions.

New Jersey readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state due to this type of medical mistake. Reports indicated that a man had gone to a hospital for undisclosed reasons, but while there, the doctors attending to his case failed to properly diagnose that the man was suffering from strep throat and a spinal abscess. As a result, the conditions were not treated, and the man's state of health worsened.

Hospital negligence results in removal of woman's healthy kidney

Numerous people in New Jersey have either undergone surgery or will need to at some point in their lives. Major medical procedures can often cause apprehension as any number of factors could lead to complications. Of course, when the issues arise due to hospital negligence, a patient could end up suffering from a preventable complication.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state suffered from this type of scenario. She was scheduled to undergo surgery in order to have her adrenal gland and a mass on that gland removed. However, rather than taking out the affected area of her body, the surgeon mistakenly removed one of her kidneys, which was healthy. The woman was not informed of this error until a week after the incident.

When professionals fail to monitor a fetus, it can cause injury

Not so long ago, women and babies had very little protection during the labor and delivery process. Birth was incredibly dangerous for both mother and child. Thankfully, advances in medical science, as well as technology, can reduce the potential for injury and death during the birthing process. Of course, doctors and nurses actually have to utilize these tools properly for patients to benefit.

Fetal monitoring is one example of technology that protects both mother and child. Instead of progressing through labor and hoping the unborn baby is okay, it is now possible to monitor the infant and ensure that medical staff can intervene in a timely manner if the baby shows signs of distress. It is still possible for medical professionals to make mistakes when it comes to fetal monitoring, which can result in serious birth injuries.

Hospital negligence can cause life-threatening harm

For many people, the doctors they see are strangers. Even if they visit the same physician for checkups, they likely do not know these individuals on a personal level. Still, whenever a serious medical issue arises, patients must put their trust in these medical professionals. Unfortunately, hospital negligence is not uncommon and that trust can quickly be lost when patients suffer unnecessary harm.

New Jersey readers may be interested in such a situation that took place in another state. Recent reports indicated that one man has filed a lawsuit against a hospital due to negligence. The man had undergone a knee replacement surgery, and after the operation, he was experiencing constipation. As a result, a nurse administered an enema, presumably intended to help his condition. However, the man told the nurse that the procedure was causing him pain and asked her to stop.

Cognitive processing issues may equal emergency room error

When someone experiences a medical emergency, going to the hospital is often the best course of action. Hospital staff members can assess issues and hopefully determine the problem and find the most applicable treatment options. Of course, not every hospital visit has the desired outcomes, and a emergency room error could easily lead to patient suffering or even death.

New Jersey residents may be interested in a recent study examining ER errors. The study indicates that many of these mistakes occur due to the cognitive shortcomings of medical staff rather than technological issues. Unfortunately, medical mistakes cause approximately 250,000 fatalities every year in the United States, and doctors often make mistakes even when they have the correct information regarding a particular patient and his or her condition.

Bedsores, fall and negligence contribute to patient's death

Having a loved one admitted to the hospital can bring about mixed emotions. Family members certainly want the person to receive the needed care, but it can also be worrisome to consider the possible mistakes that could take place. Unfortunately, hospital negligence can lead to serious issues, like bedsores and even death in some cases.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation that took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that the daughter of a deceased woman has filed a negligence claim due to believing that the hospital staff were lax in their care of her mother. The mother had been admitted to the hospital for pulmonary disease, and during her time there, she developed serious bedsores. Additionally, she suffered blunt trauma injuries to her head and other areas of her body after falling from her bed while staff members cleaned her.

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