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Patient loses both legs due to hospital negligence

Patients want to have a sense of trust in the medical staff treating them for various ailments. Without that trust, they may not feel confident that they will receive the correct treatment. Unfortunately, even if patients start out with that trust, they may later feel betrayed when they suffer serious injuries because of hospital negligence.

New Jersey readers may be interested a lawsuit regarding such negligence that recently came to a verdict. The situation began in 2013 when a man went to a hospital due to experiencing numbness and cramping in his legs. While in the hospital, nurses utilized treatments for individuals with diabetes, but it was unclear whether the patient actually had diabetes. He did have arterial blockages in his legs, but the staff had apparently not read the test results that showed those blockages.

Brain damage results from medical staff ignoring fetal distress

Most parents want their children to be born perfect. Of course, the meaning of the word "perfect" can vary from person to person. In most cases, parents mean that they want their children born healthy. When it turns out that hospital negligence led to brain damage in their newborn, New Jersey parents can understandably feel dismayed and betrayed.

Two parents in another state filed a lawsuit after experiencing such a harrowing scenario. Reports indicated that the child was born in 2009, and during delivery, nurses and other staff members did not properly address signs of fetal distress, including drops in the baby's heart rate. Doctors also allegedly contributed to the distress by administering medicine to speed up contractions, which further cut off oxygen to the baby.

Failing to allergy test patients for medications can cause issues

Have you ever noticed how the television commercials for prescription medications warn that people shouldn't take certain drugs if they have an allergy to that medication? You may have found yourself wondering how anyone would know about a medication allergy unless they had already taken that particular drug in the past.

Including that information in the commercial for a drug helps the company that develops the medication avoid financial responsibility in the event that someone has a dangerous allergic reaction to the drug or any of its constituent compounds. People can be allergic to just about anything, and doctors have the ability to test people for serious allergies.

Lack of proper monitoring leads to death at hospital

Losing a loved one under questionable circumstances is never an easy experience to go through. In fact, some individuals may feel paralyzed and uncertain about what they could actually do to seek justice when someone else's negligence may have contributed to their loved one's death. In cases of hospital negligence, surviving family members may have reason to file medical malpractice claims.

New Jersey readers may be interested in this type of case taking place in another state. According to reports, one woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital on behalf of her deceased father's estate. Apparently, her father had gone to the hospital due to experiencing shortness of breath and swelling due to trapped fluid. He had been suffering with these symptoms for three days before going to the emergency department of the hospital, where he was held for over an hour.

Surgery gone wrong leaves child with serious injuries

When children are born, many parents take one look at them and think they are perfect. Of course, that is not necessarily always true. In some cases, children can be born with birth defects or other issues that need immediate medical attention. While parents hope that the medical staff will properly attend to their children, surgery gone wrong could have horrifying outcomes.

New Jersey readers may be interested in one situation that affected an out-of-state family. Reports indicated that a couple's child had been born with a birth defect that resulted in her having excess tissue in her airway. As a result, she had to undergo operations to remove that extra tissue. The child had the operation multiple times, which involved the use of a laser to burn away the tissue, but after one of the procedures, the doctor informed the mother that complications had resulted.

The death of a child leads to lawsuit against hospital

Parents often experience many emotions while raising their children. Some days they may feel overwhelmed with pride and joy, and other days may be more frustrating. Unfortunately, some parents may also have to contend with unbearable grief due to the death of a child. If this situation came about due to suspected negligence on the part of hospital staff, lawsuits could arise.

New Jersey readers may be interested in this type of case currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that a mother and father have filed suit against a children's hospital on behalf of their deceased daughter. Apparently, the child -- whose age was not given in the report -- had entered the hospital in Jan. 2016 for an undisclosed reason. At the time, a nasal tube was improperly inserted into the child, which resulted in a punctured lung.

Breaching the standards of care can lead to permanent damage

In cases where medical staff do not act in the best interests of the patient, negative impacts can occur. Often, when the standards of care are not followed, patients may have reason to pursue legal action for resulting damages. This type of situation can go on for some time, but in the end, the results may be worth the effort.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a case in another state that recently went through an appeal. Reports stated that the situation began in 2013 when a woman was admitted to the hospital for a septic infection. While there, a nurse failed to follow the standards of care and incorrectly removed a catheter from the woman's neck. As a result, the woman suffered a stroke, which led to her being paralyzed on her left side. The family filed suit in 2015 and were awarded $3.85 million.

Understaffing in a nursing home could lead to a slip-and-fall

You place a lot of trust in the staff at the nursing home caring for your loved one. After all, you have entrusted them with the health and safety of one of the people you care about most. Many families assume that a nursing home facility will provide excellent care, and in many cases that is what happens.

However, issues can arise in even the best of nursing homes that can leave residents in danger. Despite your efforts to find a safe nursing home, practices and policies can change without warning, leaving your loved one at increased risk of injury.

Compensation awarded in hospital negligence lawsuit

While giving birth is one of the most natural experiences for women, it can also have a number of risks. As a result, many women feel more comfortable giving birth in hospitals where they can receive medical attention in the event that something goes wrong. Unfortunately, in some cases, hospital negligence can result in additional problems rather than solutions.

New Jersey readers may be interested in one out-of-state woman's lawsuit that stemmed from medical malpractice during and after the delivery of her child. Reports stated that during delivery, her uterus ruptured and caused severe bleeding. As a result, her obstetrician performed multiple surgeries, including a hysterectomy, in efforts to stop the bleeding. However, another doctor had to perform a fifth surgery, and during the operation, the surgeon had to fix damage resulting from the earlier operations.

Premature infant's death leads to lawsuit for hospital negligence

Losing a child of any age can devastate New Jersey parents to an unimaginable degree. Even if the child is only days, weeks or months old, that loss can tremendously impact the family members for the rest of their lives. When the death occurs due to errors or other negligent actions on the part of hospital staff members, it can seem even more unbelievable.

Unfortunately, two parents in another state had to face such an unbearable loss. Reports indicated that their daughter was born prematurely and was undergoing treatment for issues with her eyes. While in the hospital, however, she became one of many infants who contracted infections after undergoing eye exams. The infections reportedly stemmed from equipment that was not cleaned by following standard practices as well as issues with glove use.

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