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Hospital negligence could negate organ transplants

Being in a life-threatening situation can leave many individuals feeling dismayed. Unfortunately, many medical conditions can cause New Jersey residents to find themselves fighting for their lives. In some cases, organ transplants may prolong life or allow for a remedy for the issue altogether. However, if hospital negligence occurs at some point during the transplant process, individuals may continue to suffer.

One woman in another state reportedly found herself in such a situation. Apparently, the woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital, organ donation organizations and other entities after her organ transplants did not go as expected. The woman reportedly had a pancreas and kidney transplant in June 2016. In Dec. 2016, the organs had to be removed.

Surgery gone wrong could lead to additional suffering

At some point in their lives, many New Jersey residents may need to undergo surgery. Some of the procedures may be relatively routine, and others could be complex. No matter what the procedure may entail, going under the knife comes with risks. When a person must deal with a surgery gone wrong, he or she could face considerable impacts.

One woman in another state became the victim of medical negligence after having the wrong portion of her thyroid removed. The woman had been referred to the surgeon after another doctor indicated that the right lobe of her thyroid was potentially cancerous and needed to be removed. When she went to have the procedure, the doctor asked her to confirm her procedure, but when she said the operation was to be performed on her right thyroid lobe, the doctor stated it was to be on her left.

Negligence could lead to incorrect diagnoses in New Jersey

It is not unusual for individuals to notice abnormalities in their health or physical appearance. In some cases, the issues may be easily explained, but in others, concerned New Jersey residents may need to seek medical advice. However, when a medical professional's negligence leads to the failure to diagnose a health issue, patients could suffer greatly.

It was recently reported that such a situation took place in another state. Apparently, a man had sought medical attention due to a condition for which he presumably felt concerned. Details on the exact health issue were not given in the report, but it was stated that his condition was not properly diagnosed. The report states that doctors informed him that he had a hematoma, but he actually had an abscess.

Families often feel devastated when malpractice leads to death

When suffering from a health-related issue, many New Jersey residents go to the hospital or seek other medical attention in hopes of getting better. In most cases, individuals are able to get the needed treatment and recover successfully from their ailments or injuries. On the other hand, a hospital visit could result in serious issues or death due to medical negligence.

It was recently reported that one family in another state took legal action after losing a loved one to such negligence. Reports indicated that a man had ruptured a tendon in his leg after falling from his truck. This injury required surgery to repair, but after the procedure, the man began experiencing leg swelling, chest pain and shortness of breath. However, doctors and other medical staff did not diagnose or rule out that the man might be suffering from a blood clot.

Nursing home abuse and neglect might not be easy to spot

Nursing home residents shouldn't have to deal with anything bad happening to them while they are in the facility. They should be able to count on the staff members to provide the care they need to enjoy their remaining days.

Unfortunately, some nursing home residents aren't fortunate enough to have staff members at the facility who honestly care. These individuals might be subjected to abuse or neglect that is too horrific for any human to have to deal with. Here are some points to know about nursing home abuse and neglect:

Acquiring an infection could lead to malpractice claims

Many New Jersey residents feel apprehensive when it comes to having to seek medical attention. Even if the visit is for a relatively minor issue, many people may still feel a sense of anxiety. For others this wariness may be warranted, especially if they have suffered due to medical negligence or other malpractice that led to their contracting an infection or other issue.

It was recently reported that a man in another state took legal action for such negligence. Apparently, the man had undergone an unspecified medical procedure and later developed an infection. Additional information regarding the situation was not given in the report. However, it was noted that the man believes that his doctor and the medical center were negligent when performing the procedure and failed to properly treat the infection.

Unnecessary surgery could result from hospital negligence

Many people are devastated when they learn that they may have a serious medical condition or the potential to develop serious health issues. As a result, New Jersey residents faced with such circumstances may do what they can to help better their health. Unfortunately, due to hospital negligence, some parties may find out too late that they did not have the health issues they were taking measures to address.

One woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit due to such a problem. Reports stated that the woman went through genetic testing to determine whether she had markers that could indicate a high likelihood of developing breast, ovarian and other cancers. After her test results came in, she was informed that she did face a substantial risk such cancers.

Staff failing to meet standards of care could harm patients

Needing care from other individuals may be hard to accept for some New Jersey residents. Most people at some point may find themselves needing medical attention, and as a result, they must allow medical professionals to help. Unfortunately, it can seem devastating when negligence and failing to meet the standards of care result in a patient suffering injuries.

It was recently reported that one individual in another state is pursuing a lawsuit after suffering injuries in a hospital. Reports stated that the woman was being helped from her hospital bed to a standing position when she was partially dropped. Apparently, hospital staff members were using a gait belt to help the woman stand, and the belt was not properly secured, which resulted in her partial fall.

Medical negligence could result in patient death in New Jersey

Complications during pregnancy and delivery can often put families on edge. They may understandably worry that the infant, the mother or both could suffer negative effects during this time. Though family members place their trust in the medical professionals attending to the patients, medical staff could make mistakes that could lead to serious injuries or even death.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation that occurred in another state. Reports indicated that in 2008, a woman had become anemic during her pregnancy, and this issue put her at risk of complications during her C-section. Additionally, during the procedure, a doctor punctured her bowel, and the woman needed additional surgery for repair. As a result, she lost a considerable amount of blood.

Cerebral palsy can result from a birth injury

Pregnancy is a time of hopeful expectation for most women. These new mothers place all of their trust and hope in the hands of medical professionals who care for them. Most of the time, the outcome is a happy one, with a healthy infant and mother. Most doctors uphold their Hippocratic oath and make decisions that result in a successful labor and delivery process.

Medical professionals are humans, and they can make mistakes. Unfortunately, because of their line of work, those mistakes can have life-altering consequences for families. Cerebral palsy is a perfect example of a condition that may result from a preventable birth injury. The child will have to accommodate the symptoms of the condition every day, and the family may incur substantial, ongoing expenses to provide adequate care for the child.

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