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Improper use of ulcer medication in labor is potentially deadly

When you entrust a doctor with your medical care, you are putting your health and your life in that professional's hands. When it comes to pregnancy, labor and delivery, you're trusting a doctor with more than your life. You're also trusting this professional to do what's right for your unborn baby.

Most doctors do everything in their power to uphold that trust and do the right thing for their patients. Sadly, some doctors put personal convenience or ego before the well-being of their patients.

Hospital negligence can lead to serious medical errors

Though pain and discomfort after a surgical procedure are not unusual, in some cases, serious issues relating to mistakes made during the operation could contribute to unnecessary suffering. If the issue is considerable enough, individuals may need additional medical attention to address the problem. If staff and hospital negligence led to a major surgical error, a patient may have cause to seek legal action.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation that an out-of-state woman went through. Reports indicated that the woman had undergone a surgical procedure for a hysterectomy, and after the operation she experienced symptoms that were cause for concern, though details on those symptoms were not given in the report. Nonetheless, X-rays were taken, and it was discovered that a medical instrument had been left inside her abdomen.

Pain, injuries may result from foreign object left after surgery

When a person acts negligently, it is possible that another individual or multiple people could suffer as a result. When the negligence comes in the form of medical malpractice, a patient could end up enduring additional pain and other negative impacts that otherwise may have been avoided. Parties may face this situation, especially with a foreign object left in the body after surgery.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation that has led to legal action in another state. Reports indicated that a woman had gone to a surgical center for a procedure to address her varicose veins. After the surgery, the woman felt considerable pain for days, and this pain led her to visiting the emergency room.

Foreign object left in patient can cause serious medical issues

When individuals are faced with medical issues, they may need to make several trips to the doctor and undergo multiple procedures in order for their physicians to determine the exact problems. Unfortunately, some actions performed by surgeons or other medical staff may result in additional issues for the patient. For instance, a foreign object left in the body could easily cause complications.

New Jersey residents may be interested in this type of situation that recently occurred in another state. Reports indicated that a woman underwent an exploratory surgery to have a benign tumor removed. After her surgery, the woman complained of experiencing pain in her back and abdomen. As a result, she went to the emergency room, and it was discovered that forceps had been left inside her during the initial surgery.

Medical-related death may lead to need for justice in New Jersey

The loss of a loved one can often be felt for considerable lengths of time. Some people may feel the need to have questions answered and to possibly even seek justice and compensation if the death occurred due to the negligence of others. In some cases, medical procedures that result in fatalities may cause this type of action.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one out-of-state man's case that recently came to a verdict. The situation apparently began in 2012 when the man's wife went to a gastroenterologist for what was described as an endoscopic procedure. Additional information on the procedure was not given in the report. Nonetheless, the woman died four months later, and the man claims the death occurred due to complications from the initial procedure. She was 38 years old.

Wintry weather can make walking around difficult

For many people, walking around is something that won't stop because of the wintry weather. Instead, they will continue to use this method of getting around, even if it is only walking from their vehicle to a store. No matter how often you walk around during the winter, you need to make sure that you are staying as safe as possible.

There are several things that you can do to boost your safety when you have to get out and walk. Make sure you consider these tips to get you started:

Permanent injuries could result from hospital negligence

Any time a medical procedure does not have the desired effect, individuals can feel let down. In some cases, even when everything goes right, the treatment cannot resolve the medical issue. In other instances, some patients may continue to suffer or suffer additional problems due to hospital negligence. Unfortunately, some of the damages could prove permanent.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one out-of-state woman's case involving medical malpractice. Reports stated that the woman had undergone neck surgery in 2012, and three days after the procedure was performed, she went to the emergency room because she could not breathe or swallow. She was also experiencing pain in her neck. As a result, the woman was admitted from the ER to the hospital.

Hospital negligence could negate organ transplants

Being in a life-threatening situation can leave many individuals feeling dismayed. Unfortunately, many medical conditions can cause New Jersey residents to find themselves fighting for their lives. In some cases, organ transplants may prolong life or allow for a remedy for the issue altogether. However, if hospital negligence occurs at some point during the transplant process, individuals may continue to suffer.

One woman in another state reportedly found herself in such a situation. Apparently, the woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital, organ donation organizations and other entities after her organ transplants did not go as expected. The woman reportedly had a pancreas and kidney transplant in June 2016. In Dec. 2016, the organs had to be removed.

Surgery gone wrong could lead to additional suffering

At some point in their lives, many New Jersey residents may need to undergo surgery. Some of the procedures may be relatively routine, and others could be complex. No matter what the procedure may entail, going under the knife comes with risks. When a person must deal with a surgery gone wrong, he or she could face considerable impacts.

One woman in another state became the victim of medical negligence after having the wrong portion of her thyroid removed. The woman had been referred to the surgeon after another doctor indicated that the right lobe of her thyroid was potentially cancerous and needed to be removed. When she went to have the procedure, the doctor asked her to confirm her procedure, but when she said the operation was to be performed on her right thyroid lobe, the doctor stated it was to be on her left.

Negligence could lead to incorrect diagnoses in New Jersey

It is not unusual for individuals to notice abnormalities in their health or physical appearance. In some cases, the issues may be easily explained, but in others, concerned New Jersey residents may need to seek medical advice. However, when a medical professional's negligence leads to the failure to diagnose a health issue, patients could suffer greatly.

It was recently reported that such a situation took place in another state. Apparently, a man had sought medical attention due to a condition for which he presumably felt concerned. Details on the exact health issue were not given in the report, but it was stated that his condition was not properly diagnosed. The report states that doctors informed him that he had a hematoma, but he actually had an abscess.

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