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Almost a year after his death, Bill Paxton's family files suit

Because New Jersey families have many emotions and tasks to address in the aftermath of a loved one's death, it can take time to get affairs in order. As a result, if a family believe that their loved one's death occurred as a result of medical malpractice, a legal claim against the parties considered responsible may take some time to arrange. However, individuals who file claims within the allowed time frame could seek justice and compensation.

It was recently reported that almost a year after the death of actor Bill Paxton his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Paxton died last year after suffering a stroke, which resulted from complications relating to heart surgery. He passed away just days after the operation was completed.

Slip-and-fall accidents often cause serious injuries

Years of cartoons and comedies have left the average person with a distorted idea about the danger involved in a slip-and-fall incident. Contrary to what you've seen in movies or on television, slipping and falling unexpectedly is often anything but humorous. While those who are past retirement age are often at increased risk for severe slip-and-fall injuries, anyone can end up hurt after stumbling down.

Even if consumers take steps to avoid slipping, poorly maintained facilities still pose risks to the public. There's a reason that New Jersey law requires business managers and property owners to maintain safe facilities. People going about their lawful business have the right to safely move through a building, across a parking lot or down a sidewalk. Failing to maintain dry floors, remove ice and snow and address similar maintenance issues can leave workers or customers at risk of injuries — or in severe cases — death.

Brain damage at birth can cause life-long problems

Having a child should be one of the most joyous days in parents' lives. However, when something goes wrong during delivery, that joyous day can turn into a nightmare. When a newborn suffers brain damage due to the negligent actions of a doctor or other medical staff, the child can suffer for the rest of his or her life, and parents can shoulder a considerable number of challenges.

New Jersey residents may be interested in one couple who faced such a situation. Reports stated that the couple filed a lawsuit against the doctor who delivered their child due to his improperly using forceps during the delivery. The woman stated that the doctor nearly pulled her off the hospital bed when attempting to use the forceps to help deliver the child. As a result, the baby's skull was fractured, and he suffered brain damage.

Hospital negligence allows suspended doctor to treat patient

Most individuals trust that the doctors attending to their medical conditions have the knowledge and skills to do their best with the situation. It is likely also assumed that a doctor has the ability to treat patients in accordance with applicable laws. Unfortunately, these assumptions may not always prove true, and hospital negligence could allow an unfit doctor to practice, which can harm patients.

New Jersey readers may be interested in such a situation that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a man had gone to the hospital in 2014 due to stomach pain and vomiting. The man apparently had gallstones, but the doctor attending to him stated that an "anatomical abnormality" prevented surgery to remove the stones. As a result, the man was placed in a medically-induced coma for over a month.

Failure to diagnose sepsis could have fatal outcomes

When in need of medical attention, most New Jersey residents undoubtedly hope that they will receive the best care available. Whether the medical issue seems relatively minor or severe, the actions of medical staff could play a significant role in how well a patient is treated. Of course, failure to diagnose an issue correctly could result in even more serious or possibly fatal outcomes.

One issue that could easily result in negative effects for a patient is sepsis. Sepsis can result when a person's body is experiencing a severe infection. If a doctor recognizes and treats an infection relating to the lungs, kidneys, skin or other organs quickly, sepsis may be avoided. However, if sepsis does occur, substantial or fatal damage could occur to a person's body.

Wrongful death claim filed on behalf of late Eagles band member

After the death of a loved one, many surviving family members may not know the best way to handle various repercussions that the death causes. As a result, it may take months, if not years, before individuals decide how to address certain aspects of their loved one's passing. For instance, if parties believe that a death occurred due to medical negligence, they may later come to the conclusion that legal action is necessary.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation taking place in a nearby state involving the widow of late Eagles band member Glenn Frey. Reports stated that Frey died in 2016 due to complications associated with multiple medical conditions. However, his surviving widow does not feel that the conditions themselves were the only contributing factors in her late husband's death.

Improper use of ulcer medication in labor is potentially deadly

When you entrust a doctor with your medical care, you are putting your health and your life in that professional's hands. When it comes to pregnancy, labor and delivery, you're trusting a doctor with more than your life. You're also trusting this professional to do what's right for your unborn baby.

Most doctors do everything in their power to uphold that trust and do the right thing for their patients. Sadly, some doctors put personal convenience or ego before the well-being of their patients.

Hospital negligence can lead to serious medical errors

Though pain and discomfort after a surgical procedure are not unusual, in some cases, serious issues relating to mistakes made during the operation could contribute to unnecessary suffering. If the issue is considerable enough, individuals may need additional medical attention to address the problem. If staff and hospital negligence led to a major surgical error, a patient may have cause to seek legal action.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation that an out-of-state woman went through. Reports indicated that the woman had undergone a surgical procedure for a hysterectomy, and after the operation she experienced symptoms that were cause for concern, though details on those symptoms were not given in the report. Nonetheless, X-rays were taken, and it was discovered that a medical instrument had been left inside her abdomen.

Pain, injuries may result from foreign object left after surgery

When a person acts negligently, it is possible that another individual or multiple people could suffer as a result. When the negligence comes in the form of medical malpractice, a patient could end up enduring additional pain and other negative impacts that otherwise may have been avoided. Parties may face this situation, especially with a foreign object left in the body after surgery.

New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation that has led to legal action in another state. Reports indicated that a woman had gone to a surgical center for a procedure to address her varicose veins. After the surgery, the woman felt considerable pain for days, and this pain led her to visiting the emergency room.

Foreign object left in patient can cause serious medical issues

When individuals are faced with medical issues, they may need to make several trips to the doctor and undergo multiple procedures in order for their physicians to determine the exact problems. Unfortunately, some actions performed by surgeons or other medical staff may result in additional issues for the patient. For instance, a foreign object left in the body could easily cause complications.

New Jersey residents may be interested in this type of situation that recently occurred in another state. Reports indicated that a woman underwent an exploratory surgery to have a benign tumor removed. After her surgery, the woman complained of experiencing pain in her back and abdomen. As a result, she went to the emergency room, and it was discovered that forceps had been left inside her during the initial surgery.

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