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November 2015 Archives

Failure to diagnose bacterial meningitis leads to $10.1 M award

When New Jersey parents take a child to the hospital because of an unfamiliar medical condition, they typically have confidence in the competence of medical professionals to accurately diagnose and treat the problem. Unfortunately, many children and their parents have to suffer the consequences of a physician's failure to diagnose medical conditions. A family in another state was recently awarded more than $10 million after their child was a victim of such negligence.

Hospital bell alarm fatigue puts patients at serious risk

A hospital is a busy bustling place, full of people, chaos and noise. Over the past few decades, this noise has grown and grown, partly due to the rising number of patient alarms. Originally, alarms were used for high-risk patients to alert medical staff to serious changes in a patient's condition. These alarms saved lives, but over the years, more alarms have been added for low-risk conditions, which has led to a constant buzzing, beeping, chirping, tweeting and an ever-rising din in our hospitals. As a result, there is a serious problem with hospital bell alarm fatigue.

Newborn's death linked to failure to do a timely C-section

Parents in New Jersey can likely recall one of the happiest days of their life with ease -- the day their child was born. A joyous occasion for most, the experience and day can be completely destroyed and parents left traumatized by the negligent acts of attending physicians and other health care providers. With so much on the line, something as seemingly inconsequential as failure to do a timely C-section can have a profound and devastating effect.

Doctor negligence associated with lower spending on patients

Medical malpractice affects more than just the patient who must suffer the immediate trauma and ramifications. In many cases, family members must take on an additional burden, follow-up medical care can be a drain on finances and the recovery process can be long and difficult. Despite advances in technology, it often seems as though medical malpractice rates remain stubbornly fixed, unwilling to budge or decrease. Now, a study from an out-of-state university might have found a key factor for reducing overall rates of negligence and medical malpractice.

Family compensated for claim of failure to do a timely C-section

The development and implementation of the Cesarean section has likely contributed to the survival of mothers and babies who, without the procedure, would have suffered from devastating or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, not all obstetricians in New Jersey are as well-versed as they should be in determining when it is appropriate to use the procedure. The failure to do a timely C-section can be an enormous contributor to devastating birth injuries that might have otherwise been avoided.

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