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Hospital negligence can result from surgical errors in New Jersey

Medical science has progressed tremendously over the past decades. Previously, if a New Jersey patient suffered from heart, lung or kidney problems, he or she could undergo surgery or other standards treatments; however, if the problem was severe enough and the organ was severely damaged, the patient's prognosis was not good. Today, this same patient's medical prognosis has significantly improved, and the possibility of a successful organ transplant has become a reality. Assuming that hospital negligence and/or surgical errors do not occur, there is a good possibility of an individual receiving a new organ and going on to lead a normal life.

New Jersey parents can suffer as a result of forceps injury

The birth of a child is an exciting time within a New Jersey household. Months are spent planning and preparing for the new arrival. In addition to planning the nursery, moms and dads also make decisions regarding how and where the baby will be born. While these decisions often include whether an epidural will be used, they often do not even broach the subject of the potential use of forceps and the risk of a forceps injury being a possibility.

Patient sues after foreign object left inside him by dentist

Going to the dentist is something that many New Jersey residents do twice a year. Most individuals make their semi-annual preventative maintenance appearances in hopes of avoiding problems later. The visits, for most patients, are typically painless and result in pearly white smiles. Many have learned that if they do not take care of themselves now, they may have serious tooth or gum problems later that require dental surgery. Throughout this process, it is generally assumed that there will not be a foreign object left inside the dental patient that should not be there.

Pediatric misdiagnosis and treatment errors

Getting good healthcare for your kids is of paramount importance. While you read literature on how to keep them healthy and shop around for the best doctor, there are a few things you should know about diagnostic errors and how they can affect your child's health and well-being.

New Jersey: hospital negligence as a result of surgery

Every day, hundreds of New Jersey residents undergo surgery for various reasons. Some surgeries are minor in nature and the patient is expected to quickly recover. Other surgeries are for more life-threatening conditions and the outcome is uncertain. Regardless of the type of surgery the patient is receiving, he or she does have the expectation that the surgeon is competent and hospital negligence will not even be an issue.

New Jersey: failure to diagnose can cause additional problems

Headaches are common complaints among many in New Jersey. When one occurs, most will take an over-the-counter medication and soon feel better. If the headaches become frequent or severe, a doctor's consultation is typically the next course of action. In seeking assistance from a doctor, one expects the doctor to perform the appropriate tests and accurately diagnose the situation to determine the underlying cause of the problem. When this does not happen and there is a failure to diagnose the problem, the patient continues to suffer and can develop a worsening condition.

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