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November 2016 Archives

Failure to diagnose leads to $750,000 jury award in dental case

The ability to chew and eat solid food is something that leads many New Jersey residents to seek regular dental treatment. Even just one tooth hurting can cause one to not even want to attempt to chew their favorite foods. Thus, when one is suffering from dental problems, the obvious solution is to visit the dentist office. During this visit and the subsequent necessary procedures, it is generally assumed that the problem will be taken care of and that the failure to diagnose other dental problems will not be a factor.

Foreign object left in child causes illness

A New Jersey mother's intuition is certainly something that should not be ignored. A mother typically knows when something is not right with her child, and she will often purse the issue until it has been resolved to her satisfaction. Such intuition has recently come to play in a case where a foreign object left in a child resulted in weeks of illness and concern for a mother and her son.

Failing to monitor prescription drugs can cause serious injury

One of the most natural things for many is to see their doctor when they are sick or hurting and ask that medication be prescribed in order to help them feel better. This is especially true when they don't understand what is wrong, and they have not been able to get the help they need from over the counter medications. But prescriptions are not always safe for everyone, and when they are not properly distributed and monitored, it is possible that they could cause severe injury or death.

Hospital negligence results in permanent damage to eye?

Eye sight is something that most New Jersey residents assume will always be there. Vision may change, but glasses or contacts can usually correct the problem, and the individual will be able to see and function as he or she always has. Then, some individuals choose to undergo eye surgery in an effort to either correct an eye problem or to improve their vision. When this is the option taken, one also assumes that the procedure is appropriate for the individual and surgical errors and hospital negligence will not be issues.

Forceps injury suit ends with $11.5 million jury award

Throughout pregnancy, a mother will visit with her doctor numerous times. At first, the visits are a month or so apart; however, as the due date approaches, these visits become more frequent, usually occurring once a week. The reason these New Jersey mothers spend so much time in the doctor's office is that they want to do their part in making sure that their babies are born healthy. In turn, they trust that the doctors and other medical staff will do their part to ensure a safe delivery and that if forceps are used, a forceps injury will not occur.

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