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Nursing home abuse and neglect might not be easy to spot

Nursing home residents shouldn't have to deal with anything bad happening to them while they are in the facility. They should be able to count on the staff members to provide the care they need to enjoy their remaining days.

Unfortunately, some nursing home residents aren't fortunate enough to have staff members at the facility who honestly care. These individuals might be subjected to abuse or neglect that is too horrific for any human to have to deal with. Here are some points to know about nursing home abuse and neglect:

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is usually fairly easy to spot. This type of abuse can lead to marks, such as bruises and scratches. While there is a chance that these marks will be on areas of the body that are easy to see, they might also be beneath the clothing. For example, a resident who is grabbed in a rough manner might have bruises on the arms beneath the sleeves.

Other injuries, such as broken bones, might also be present in cases of physical abuse. Residents who are flung against walls or onto the floor might have these types of injuries. Head injuries and back injuries are also possible.

Emotional or mental abuse

Emotional or mental abuse is more difficult to spot. You will have to pay attention to how staff members interact with residents, as well as how the residents behave. In many cases, a resident who is being abused in these manners will seem withdrawn and isolated.

It is possible for the resident to have symptoms that mimic dementia, such as hugging themselves or rocking back and forth. They might seem depressed and unable to function normally. Your loved one might be unwilling to have a conversation with you, especially if there are staff members around.

Financial abuse

Unscrupulous people sometimes take advantage of these elderly patients' financial means. Signs of this include unusual or unexpected withdrawals on a bank account or unexpected charges on a credit card. You might also notice that a will or other documents have been changed to reflect that assets are going to a staff member.

All of these signs of elder abuse in a nursing home must be taken seriously. Putting a stop to this atrocious behavior must be a priority. This can include a variety of methods, including filing formal complaints and taking legal action.

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