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Brain damage results from medical staff ignoring fetal distress

Most parents want their children to be born perfect. Of course, the meaning of the word "perfect" can vary from person to person. In most cases, parents mean that they want their children born healthy. When it turns out that hospital negligence led to brain damage in their newborn, New Jersey parents can understandably feel dismayed and betrayed.

Families suffer when infants suffer brain damage at birth

Many New Jersey parents may feel a great deal of anxiety when the time comes for their children to be born. These feelings are understandable as the potential for a variety of complications exists during this type of event. While most deliveries go as smoothly as possible, there are some instances in which an infant could suffer brain damage due to the negligence of hospital staff.

Brain damage at birth can cause life-long problems

Having a child should be one of the most joyous days in parents' lives. However, when something goes wrong during delivery, that joyous day can turn into a nightmare. When a newborn suffers brain damage due to the negligent actions of a doctor or other medical staff, the child can suffer for the rest of his or her life, and parents can shoulder a considerable number of challenges.

Brain damage may present legal grounds for malpractice claims

The joy that comes along with having a child often comes coupled with worry about that child's wellbeing. In many cases, children grow up happy and healthy, but in other instances, children could suffer brain damage at a young age that considerably impacts their lives. Unfortunately, medical staff could potentially be responsible for such damage in some situations.

Vacuum extractor injury may warrant New Jersey lawsuits

Any time an issue arises with a child's health, parents may feel a sense of panic. Though many health concerns are easily addressed, other problems could prove more serious or even permanent. Some children could even suffer at the time of their births due to a vacuum extractor injury, and their lives could have severe impacts from then on.

Infant brain damage can devastate New Jersey parents

New Jersey residents may be interested in a medical malpractice case in another state that recently reached a verdict. Reports stated that the case was filed by the parents of a now 5-year-old girl who suffered brain damage at birth. The lawsuit was filed against at least one doctor and the hospital where the child was born. 

Brain damage during birth may warrant lawsuits in New Jersey

Having a child is one of the most joy-filled days of many individuals' lives. Unfortunately, if the child suffers brain damage during birth, the parents may feel an overwhelming sense of despair. If the injuries resulted due to serious mistakes or other negligence on the part of hospital staff, the parents may have cause to file a medical malpractice claim.

Forceps injury suit ends with $11.5 million jury award

Throughout pregnancy, a mother will visit with her doctor numerous times. At first, the visits are a month or so apart; however, as the due date approaches, these visits become more frequent, usually occurring once a week. The reason these New Jersey mothers spend so much time in the doctor's office is that they want to do their part in making sure that their babies are born healthy. In turn, they trust that the doctors and other medical staff will do their part to ensure a safe delivery and that if forceps are used, a forceps injury will not occur.

Jury awards over $11 million for birth brain damage

The majority of New Jersey babies are born in a local hospital. Their parents want it this way because they feel certain that this is the safest place for the baby to enter the world. Doctors and nurses are present, and the appropriate monitors and equipment are available. All of this is in place to allow for the newborn to be properly cared for as he or she is born. Of course, this is assuming that both people and machines do their jobs properly so as to avoid the possibility of the baby suffering brain damage during the birth process. 

New Jersey parents can suffer as a result of forceps injury

The birth of a child is an exciting time within a New Jersey household. Months are spent planning and preparing for the new arrival. In addition to planning the nursery, moms and dads also make decisions regarding how and where the baby will be born. While these decisions often include whether an epidural will be used, they often do not even broach the subject of the potential use of forceps and the risk of a forceps injury being a possibility.

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