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Negligence could lead to incorrect diagnoses in New Jersey

It is not unusual for individuals to notice abnormalities in their health or physical appearance. In some cases, the issues may be easily explained, but in others, concerned New Jersey residents may need to seek medical advice. However, when a medical professional's negligence leads to the failure to diagnose a health issue, patients could suffer greatly.

New Jersey patient deaths could result from failure to diagnose

Needing medical treatment can sometimes hit people suddenly. In such cases, New Jersey residents may find themselves quickly undergoing examinations to potentially determine what may be causing them to suffer negative symptoms. Unfortunately, not all diagnoses are correct, and the failure to diagnose the correct problem could result in additional negative outcomes, including patient death.

Failure to diagnose sepsis may lead to death in New Jersey

Suffering from a serious infection can cause a myriad of health issues. In some cases, patients could potentially even contract an infection while being treated for another illness or injury. While many types of infections can be properly treated with few lasting effects, the failure to diagnose an infection could lead to a lack of timely treatment and more adverse outcomes.

New Jersey patients may suffer due to failure to diagnose

After suffering an injury, getting the right treatment as soon as possible can often save individuals from unnecessary pain and further damage. Unfortunately, people cannot always get the care they need due to the failure to diagnose the issue. As a result, some patients could go an extended period of time dealing with pain and other discomfort.

Trauma may result due to the failure to diagnose medical issues

After suffering a serious medical event, timing can play a significant role in how the issue is treated and the injuries it may cause. Unfortunately, the failure to diagnose an issue could result in a patient suffering severe negative effects. New Jersey residents may be interested in one out-of-state man who suffered such an incident.

Lives may be shortened after failure to recognize cancer

Suffering from cancer is an unfortunate reality for many individuals in New Jersey and around the world. When it comes to treating various forms of cancer, timing can play a significant role in how effective treatments are. Therefore, when a medical professional does not properly assess a patient, the failure to recognize cancer could drastically reduce an individual's chances of survival.

Failure to recognize cancer early can negatively affect patients

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be a terrifying experience for any New Jersey resident. However, the situation could become even more heart-wrenching if individuals believe that there was a failure to recognize cancer while it was in the early stages. In such cases, negatively affected parties may have cause to pursue legal action against various medical professionals and entities. 

Failure to diagnose torn rotator cuff leads to permanent injury?

Many New Jersey residents will suffer an injury at some point in time. Perhaps they were injured playing ball, falling down the stairs or exercising improperly. Regardless of the reason, if the injury appears to be severe or the pain does not go away within a day or two, the injured will typically seek medical attention. In doing so, the injured individual expects that medical personnel will perform the necessary examinations and tests to discover the problem and that failure to diagnose will not be an issue.

Failure to diagnose leads to wrongful death claim

It is generally expected that New Jersey doctors and hospital staff know and understand the symptoms associated with common ailments. They should be able to recognize the symptoms, perform tests to confirm their suspicions and act upon this information. When patients seek assistance, they expect to receive it. Failure to diagnose the problem can lead to additional problems.

Failure to diagnose leads to $750,000 jury award in dental case

The ability to chew and eat solid food is something that leads many New Jersey residents to seek regular dental treatment. Even just one tooth hurting can cause one to not even want to attempt to chew their favorite foods. Thus, when one is suffering from dental problems, the obvious solution is to visit the dentist office. During this visit and the subsequent necessary procedures, it is generally assumed that the problem will be taken care of and that the failure to diagnose other dental problems will not be a factor.

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