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Surgery gone wrong leaves child with serious injuries

When children are born, many parents take one look at them and think they are perfect. Of course, that is not necessarily always true. In some cases, children can be born with birth defects or other issues that need immediate medical attention. While parents hope that the medical staff will properly attend to their children, surgery gone wrong could have horrifying outcomes.

Hospital negligence results in removal of woman's healthy kidney

Numerous people in New Jersey have either undergone surgery or will need to at some point in their lives. Major medical procedures can often cause apprehension as any number of factors could lead to complications. Of course, when the issues arise due to hospital negligence, a patient could end up suffering from a preventable complication.

Hospital negligence may lead to surgery causing additional issues

Few people look forward to having to undergo a major surgery. While they may certainly hope that the end results will be worth the operation, the potential for something to go wrong could still cause many New Jersey residents to feel apprehensive about going under the knife. Unfortunately, hospital negligence can cause negative outcomes to occur.

Father files lawsuit after foreign object left in son's knee

Any type of surgical procedure has its risks. Most people hope that medical professionals will act in a manner that has them working to reduce and avoid risks as best as possible. Of course, not all operations go as planned and mistakes happen. In fact, a foreign object left after surgery can cause a number of issues.

A foreign object left after surgery could cause complications

When New Jersey residents' children need emergency medical attention, it can be overwhelming and frightening. Parents may try to put on brave faces for their kids, but even adults have worries about how certain procedures will go. Unfortunately, these worries are not invalid as a foreign object left after surgery could easily cause tremendous complications.

Pain, injuries may result from foreign object left after surgery

When a person acts negligently, it is possible that another individual or multiple people could suffer as a result. When the negligence comes in the form of medical malpractice, a patient could end up enduring additional pain and other negative impacts that otherwise may have been avoided. Parties may face this situation, especially with a foreign object left in the body after surgery.

Foreign object left in patient can cause serious medical issues

When individuals are faced with medical issues, they may need to make several trips to the doctor and undergo multiple procedures in order for their physicians to determine the exact problems. Unfortunately, some actions performed by surgeons or other medical staff may result in additional issues for the patient. For instance, a foreign object left in the body could easily cause complications.

Surgery gone wrong could lead to additional suffering

At some point in their lives, many New Jersey residents may need to undergo surgery. Some of the procedures may be relatively routine, and others could be complex. No matter what the procedure may entail, going under the knife comes with risks. When a person must deal with a surgery gone wrong, he or she could face considerable impacts.

Unnecessary surgery could result from hospital negligence

Many people are devastated when they learn that they may have a serious medical condition or the potential to develop serious health issues. As a result, New Jersey residents faced with such circumstances may do what they can to help better their health. Unfortunately, due to hospital negligence, some parties may find out too late that they did not have the health issues they were taking measures to address.

Lawsuit claims foreign object left inside patient caused injuries

Most New Jersey patients are aware that, while often necessary, beneficial and even life-saving, surgery can be dangerous. Even with the most experienced and highly trained surgeons, surgical procedures always carry some degree of unavoidable risk. What is avoidable, though, is the issue of careless surgical errors that should never happen, such as a foreign object left behind in the patient's body.

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