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Victim blames surgery gone wrong on unqualified physician

When receiving treatment from a doctor, most New Jersey patients expect that he or she is properly certified to perform health care services. An out-of-state woman did not discover that the physician she had been seeing for years was not actually qualified to be a health care provider until a different doctor discovered serious damage from the previous procedures she underwent. More than one apparent surgery gone wrong resulted in permanent damage to her foot.

Woman's death blamed on unnecessary brain surgery

Imagine, for a moment, going to the hospital for one surgery, and then waking up having undergone a completely different procedure. For one family outside of New Jersey dealing with the death of a loved one, this is a difficult reality that they must confront. After the family won a medical malpractice suit against an out-of-state hospital that performed the wrong operation on their family member, a jury awarded the family $21 million.

Hysterectomy-caused infection leads to medical malpractice suit

When a surgery that is supposed to help improve a patient's overall health leaves him or her in a worse condition, the victim can feel confused and uncertain about the future. One woman who underwent surgery at an out-of-state hospital claims that her hysterectomy caused an infection that left her in such severe pain that it impacted her ability to walk. She subsequently filed a medical malpractice suit against the surgeon who performed the operation, a course of action that victims in New Jersey also have the right to take.

Did your child suffer brain damage at birth? We can help

The birth of a child is often a defining moment in life. Two otherwise normal people become parents, welcoming a new life into the world. Unfortunately, birth can also become a defining moment in the life of a child. Brain damage or other birth injuries can continue to impact and influence a child for the rest of his or her life, and the result can be devastating for New Jersey parents to witness. 

Surgery gone wrong cited as likely cause of injury in law suit

Jahi MacMath is a name familiar to most people in New Jersey and many more across the rest of the United States. After a surgery gone wrong left the little young girl brain dead, her family says that they were unjustly pressured to yank the plug on their daughter's life support. They are now seeking compensation from the out-of-state hospital where the surgery was performed.

OB-GYN under fire for death of pregnant woman's child

A patient's medical history is a crucial piece of information that medical professionals use to both diagnose and treat a patient in the most accurate and appropriate way possible. Certain prior medical problems can even be used to help predict potential future problems, allowing New Jersey physicians to keep a watchful eye on a patient or even advise proactive measures. Unfortunately, one state's medical board believes that an obstetrician failed to take a patient's previous medical conditions into account when caring for her during her pregnancy. The state's medical board also appears to believe that his negligence led to the death of her newborn. 

Couple claims that failure to do a timely C-section caused injury

Parents in another state recently filed a medical malpractice suit against the hospital that delivered their son, claiming that it gave false information concerning the safety of a certain birthing practice. The couple chose to have a water birth, but they now claim that injuries occurred to their son because of a failure to do a timely C-section. New Jersey parents who have suffered through a similar tragedy retain the right to file a claim as well.

Patient may lose leg following surgery gone wrong

The health of any given person in New Jersey can likely be linked to the overall quality of his or her life. When a surgery gone wrong inflicts further damage to a patient, it's often common for other areas of that individual's life to suffer as well, including both at home and professional professionally. When an injured patient seeks compensation through a medical malpractice suit, the goal is often to address the physical, emotional and financial aspect of the suffered injury. 

Surgery gone wrong may have caused premature birth

From minor procedures to urgent operations, going under the knife may seem like just another routine occurrence in the hospital. No matter how New Jersey patients perceive it, surgery is still a serious and possibly life-threatening endeavor. A surgery gone wrong can result in serious complications that often require further medical care and treatment.

Family of Ebola victim of hospital negligence accept settlement

Justice for New Jersey victims of medical malpractice is often sought through the successful litigation of a medical malpractice lawsuit. While this might be the most common option, some institutions or physicians accused of hospital negligence may be willing to reach a settlement in order to keep a potential lawsuit out of the equation. An out-of-state hospital recently did just that, and it has caught the attention of many people in the United States.

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