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Victim claims home nurses violated standards of care

The hospital, doctor's offices or nursing homes are not the only places where medical malpractice can occur. There are many patients in New Jersey who, instead of spending extended time in a hospital or moving to a residential nursing facility, remain in their own homes while receiving care from nurses. However, these home nurses are not immune from acting negligently, and two out-of-state home assistants have been accused of violating their patient's required standards of care

Couple's lawsuit claims failure in standards of care

Most surgeries and out-patient procedures are performed only after the patient has been placed under general anesthesia and is unconscious. There are some exceptions to this, such as C-sections, which are quite often performed while a pregnant woman is still awake. Mothers in New Jersey who have undergone a C-section while awake may recount that they were still under the effects of anesthesia for the pain. An out-of-state mother claims that she was fully awake for her C-section too, but that the standards of care for her anesthesia were not followed.

Hospital negligence may have caused surgery error

When a New Jersey patient suffers because of a healthcare worker's negligence, most people expect that he or she will be disciplined in some way. A victim and her family may be confused after hospital negligence apparently played a role in her surgical error. Although the hospital acknowledged the mistake, no disciplinary action was ever taken.

Family of Ebola victim of hospital negligence accept settlement

Justice for New Jersey victims of medical malpractice is often sought through the successful litigation of a medical malpractice lawsuit. While this might be the most common option, some institutions or physicians accused of hospital negligence may be willing to reach a settlement in order to keep a potential lawsuit out of the equation. An out-of-state hospital recently did just that, and it has caught the attention of many people in the United States.

Anesthesiologist settles lawsuit based upon surgery gone wrong

Patients in New Jersey should be able to trust their attending healthcare providers to only act and perform within both the limits of their ability as well as their licensing. A doctor in New Jersey has been accused of improperly acting outside of his abilities and, as such, lost his license. He has been targeted as the attending doctor during more than one surgery gone wrong.

Family suspects hospital negligence caused a woman's death

New Jersey residents have the right to believe that they, or their loved ones, are receiving the best care while in the hospital. Whether undergoing planned treatment or experiencing a medical emergency, anxiety may already be felt without the added concern over possible errors being made regarding the course of treatment. When a patient is injured or killed as a result of hospital negligence, surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces, with little or no resolution.

Mistakes in counting lead to injuries for surigical patients

Imagine going home after a surgery thinking everything went well and then days later experiencing serious pain, only to discover that the surgery did go well, but hospital staff left behind a sponge or a scalpel inside your body. This happens to approximately five patients each day, according to analysis of 20 years of medical malpractice lawsuit information. This totals more than 2,000 claims for foreign objects being left inside patients each year.

Tonsillectomy surgery gone wrong leaves girl brain dead

New Jersey residents may be interested in what happened to a 13-year-old girl who went in for a tonsillectomy. It's the third most common procedure for children in the U.S., but this alleged surgery gone wrong left the girl brain dead and her parents searching for answers. No surgery is 100 percent safe, no matter how many times it has been performed. This danger is the reason for the detailed consent forms that patients must fill out before they go under the knife.

Should colleagues report doctor errors?

When a mistake happens in a hospital setting the consequences can be extremely serious, ranging from a bodily injury to a potential fatality. Among medical professionals this is a worst case scenario, but unfortunately it does still happen from time to time. One major issues surrounding hospital mistakes and doctor errors is the low level of reporting and the lack of communication about mistakes that were made. Some speculate that this is for fear of liability in a civil suit, but studies have suggested that more open reporting standards actually decrease the overall level of errors that result in an injury or death.

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