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The often overlooked risks of ambulatory care

In the last 15 years, a new form of healthcare has risen sharply in the United States. Aimed at providing lower cost treatment options for a wide range of health issues, ambulatory care centers are popping up everywhere. They are an appealing option for a lot of situations, but before you abandon your traditional healthcare options, take a moment to learn more about these services. As a newer, underdeveloped treatment route, there are risks associated with ambulatory care that have been virtually eliminated from hospital and primary physician services.

Pediatric misdiagnosis and treatment errors

Getting good healthcare for your kids is of paramount importance. While you read literature on how to keep them healthy and shop around for the best doctor, there are a few things you should know about diagnostic errors and how they can affect your child's health and well-being.

What to do after wrong site surgery

Malpractice suits continue to rise, and one reason for the steady climb is an increase in wrong site surgery cases. Often these types of cases are a result of neglect and the failure of medical professionals to double check and follow safety procedures during surgery. There may be multiple people at fault in such suits, including the surgeon, doctor who provided a diagnosis or scheduled the surgery, the nurse and lab technician. Various medical personnel are responsible for the safety of patients in the operating room as well as pre and post surgery. If you or someone you love has experienced a wrong site surgical procedure due to neglect, there are steps you can take to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Negligent medical practices can cause birth injuries

Every parent wants the experience of a new baby to be as exciting and enjoyable as possible. While uncomfortable moments come with the territory, when all is said and done most expect to go home with a healthy baby. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even when it appears that the pregnancy was normal, there are things that can go wrong during labor and delivery, and it is the job of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to stay alert and respond appropriately to prevent injuries and limit any harmful effects if possible. When they are unable to do this, it is important that parents look closely at the situation to determine whether negligent medical practices may have played a role in their child's injury.

Medical misdiagnosis, you may be at risk

According to a recent study published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety, 1 in 20 patients will be misdiagnosed every year. That is approximately 12 million adult patients who have illnesses or conditions misdiagnosed annually. Researchers of the study believe that half of misdiagnosed cases result in severe harm to the patient.

Hospital bell alarm fatigue puts patients at serious risk

A hospital is a busy bustling place, full of people, chaos and noise. Over the past few decades, this noise has grown and grown, partly due to the rising number of patient alarms. Originally, alarms were used for high-risk patients to alert medical staff to serious changes in a patient's condition. These alarms saved lives, but over the years, more alarms have been added for low-risk conditions, which has led to a constant buzzing, beeping, chirping, tweeting and an ever-rising din in our hospitals. As a result, there is a serious problem with hospital bell alarm fatigue.

If your newborn was injured in the NICU, you have rights

The birth of a child can be an exciting, anxious and exhilarating time for parents. The anticipation can be both stressful and joyous. However, sometimes the joy felt over a newborn baby is dampened when something goes wrong. There are many reasons why a newborn may need extra care in a neonatal unit and parents naturally trust that all the medical professionals involved in caring for their child are doing the very best that they can. Sadly, this is not always what occurs. If your newborn suffered negligent treatment at the hands of medical personnel while in the neonatal intensive care center (NICU), the results can be devastating.

Victim claims home nurses violated standards of care

The hospital, doctor's offices or nursing homes are not the only places where medical malpractice can occur. There are many patients in New Jersey who, instead of spending extended time in a hospital or moving to a residential nursing facility, remain in their own homes while receiving care from nurses. However, these home nurses are not immune from acting negligently, and two out-of-state home assistants have been accused of violating their patient's required standards of care

New Jersey Senate leader wants to improve standards of care

Depending on the job that a person is applying for, particularly if it deals with children or law enforcement, it is not unreasonable to expect that a background check will be involved. However, background checks are far from mandatory for most jobs. In an effort to improve standards of care, Loretta Weinberg -- the Senate Majority Leader in New Jersey -- wants to see background checks performed on doctors.

Couple's lawsuit claims failure in standards of care

Most surgeries and out-patient procedures are performed only after the patient has been placed under general anesthesia and is unconscious. There are some exceptions to this, such as C-sections, which are quite often performed while a pregnant woman is still awake. Mothers in New Jersey who have undergone a C-section while awake may recount that they were still under the effects of anesthesia for the pain. An out-of-state mother claims that she was fully awake for her C-section too, but that the standards of care for her anesthesia were not followed.

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